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Online Training

Participants can attend a course at anytime from anywhere and update themselves with course material at any point down the track.Training is self paced to suit the learning style of the student.Interactivity is enhanced as all students participate, not only the most vocal or knowledgeable.The internet is a rich environment that can simulate ‘learning by doing’ safely, and can incorporate activities, games and videos very easily for an active learning approach.Online training is cheaper than traditional classroom based teaching making  more accessible and affordable.Online training modules are developed very quickly to allow fast roll out of new concepts, changes in Government legislation and updated knowledge bases.Exposure to technology for learning increases familiarity and skill with technology in the workplace.Online training is better for the environment – the larger the training group size, the more environmentally friendly.

Corporate Training

Technology is advancing at breakneck speeds, and the demand for new and evolving skills to keep pace never ends. When newly-emerging technological innovations disrupt your team’s ability to stay competitive, enterprise workforces often struggles to keep pace. 

In an industry with an  ever-widening gap between the demand and supply of professional expertise also finding talent that has the combination of skills you need is a challenging prospect.Rather than seeking out and hiring the perfect talent for your needs, corporations increasingly choose to simply train and grow the skills of their existing workforce. This has a dual benefit— you fill the demand-supply gap quickly, while also reaping the benefits of a growing team of elite professionals with an ever-growing foundation of skill sets.Our training programs are devised to bridge this gap proactively,Our approach to corporate training is aimed at facilitating a continuous learning support — from the first, fundamental training all the way through to delivering specialized certifications.

Our Speciality

Customized corporate Training

All the details of training can be customized covering the duration, schedule, course material and most importantly an Trainer who are expertized also certification.


Certification Based Corporate training

The course contents are designed under the strict supervision of professionals from the relevant industries, focusing on the needs of the market.

One -One Training

Haivisoft supports One-on-One Training system permits 100% customization of training program and plan for individual aspirants. 

Fly Me A Trainer

Custom-made to suit the requirements of corporate customers, Fly-Me-A-Trainer enables organization to have our specialist’s direct trainings on their locations.


On Demand Training

On Demand Training are provided by the skilled consultants from the relevant industries, focusing on the needs of the market.


Anytime, Anywhere – Across The Globe – Best Corporate Training Solutions



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